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Soft+Cushy Polisher,



Soft+Cushy Polisher

A skin-refining exfoliating polish with soy ingredient. The tofu-like gentle texture... clears the complexion, and leaves your skin silky and smooth. ●Features PhytoResist System+ and natural ingredients inspired by Japanese tradition washoku, to nurture skin's natural power and maintain its healthy look and stable condition. ●The comforting scent alleviates the feeling of fatigue, and improves concentration, motivation and activity. ●Contains soy lecithin, a key ingredient of tofu that is often used for skin conditioning, and botanical granules to gently exfoliate and refine the skin's texture, revealing its smoothness. ●Oil-free. This Force for Good formulation is made with what the skin truly needs, using methods that respect the needs of our environment. ●Gentle yet effective formula for all skin types including sensitive. ●NON-COMEDOGENIC. ●DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED. More


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  • 75ml

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