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Beauty from Japan. From our world to yours.

Wabi-Sabi: The Aesthetic & Philosophy of Japanese Beauty | Shiseido
The Simple Life: What Wabi-Sabi Can Do For Your Skin
Beautiful skin is always in. But this season, the fall runways celebrated a distinctly pared-back complexion. Here’s how to simplify your skincare and makeup routine in line with the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi.
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Ikigai - Japan's Secret Hygge That Helps You Find The Meaning Of Life
How to Find Your Ikigai – The Japanese Path to Fulfillment
Forgot hygge or lagom, here’s why ikigai is what we should all be searching for…
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Furoshiki - Discover The Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping | Shiseido
Discover The Art of Furoshiki
Embrace the ancient wrapping technique that’s steeped in Japanese tradition
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Yugen: A Traditional Japanese Aesthetic | Shiseido
What is yūgen, and how can it change your life?
You will have felt yūgen, even if you’ve never heard the word before. But what is yūgen, and how can noticing “the beauty of the unseen” change your life?
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