Future Solution LX

The Revitalizing Power
of the Legendary Enmei Herb.

The mystical powers of Japan's Legendary
Enmei herb comes
to you in the Future Solution LX
collection. Grown on sacred Mt. Koya,
known as
the “treasure trove of medicinal herbs”.


NEW Infinite
Treatment Primer

Powered by LonGenevity Science™

Presenting the newest product in SHISEIDO's
Future Solution LX collection.
Combining the power of the legendary
herb ingredient with coveted Akoya precious
pearl shells,
skin is treated with a glow that
intensifies after each use.

Legendary Enmei
Ultimate Renewing Cream

Timeless Luminosity Decoded.

Through LonGenevity Science™ unlock
the ancient
restorative power of the Enmei
to awaken skin's natural
revitalizing power.

Legendary Enmei
Ultimate Luminance Serum

Timeless Luminosity Decoded.

Through LonGenevity Science™ unlock
the ancient
restorative power of the Enmei
to awaken skin's natural
revitalizing power.


From the Depths of Time,
the Future of Skin.

Turn ON the music for a better experience.

In a breakthrough demonstration
in a joint research between SHISEIDO
and several companies, the SHISEIDO
research team and collaborating teams
succeeded in reviving the flower
of a 350-year old camellia sasanqua.

The result is LonGenevity Science™,
studying the potential of the ancient
Enmei herb to power the Future Solution
LX collection for youthful looking skin.

The Blessings
of the Earth

The Invisible Force
that Exists Within Nature.

Featuring the Longevity
of the Enmei.

The complete Enmei herb plant, from the
to the stem are used to create the
Skingenecell Enmei
potion found across
the Future Solution LX collection.
Products powered by this herb improve
the appearance
of wrinkles and boost skin
firmness and clarity.

Harvested in nature from the soil of sacred
Mt. Koya,
SHISEIDO takes utmost care of
nature leaving
the roots left in the ground,
so that new life is born
in the same place
each year for a lifetime cycle
of growth.

The Mystical Power
of Precious Ingredients

Blessings of the
Tensha-Nichi Harvest.

For our most exclusive products, the
Enmei herb
is picked only on the most
auspicious, mystical days
of the Japanese
calendar known as Tensha-Nichi.
These precious few days are when
nature is said
to be strengthened with
sacred energy.

By unlocking the power of nature with
we extend this sacred energy
for restorative beauty.

Fabled Japanese Green Silk.

Spun by Japanese Oak Moths in the
pristine mountain
forests, these
extraordinary silk pods represent a small
fraction of all the silk harvested today.
Producing a strong,
soft and featherweight
fiber with exceptional elasticity
the Green
Silk ingredient helps awaken skin for
a brighter

Discover SHISEIDO's most precious ingredients
in the Legendary Ultimate Renewing Cream and
the Legendary Luminance Serum.

Your Time to Renew:
The Yutaka Treatment

An Original Spa Technique to Illuminate
the Enmei’s Sacred Energy.

Pair your Future Solution LX purchase with the
SHISEIDO Yutaka spa treatment.
Indulge the 5-senses
and enhance the power
of the Enmei herb through the
soothing touch
of artisanal Japanese Imari-ware porcelain
massage tools to stimulate circulation and lead
to a more
youthful lifted appearance.

Service available only with purchase of the Future Solution
collection at select store locations.

Yutaka at Home

Awaken Your Inner Beauty.

Bring the Yutaka Treatment experience into
a daily
part of your beauty routine at home.
transcendence while learning a
specialized massage
technique accompanied
by music to experience,
all designed to
compliment the legendary Enmei’s power
for skin revitalizing and smoothing the visible
signs of aging.

Optimizing the Power of
The Beauty
LonGenevity™ System

Making the SkingencellEnmei potion part
of your daily and nightly beauty method
can help
your skin to look revitalized and youthful looking.

  • day
  • night